Google Analytics - Introduction Course
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Google Analytics - Introduction Course

Starting an online business and trying to decide what tech to add while still staying within a possibly meager budget can be daunting. You can find yourself staring down a wide variety of options – each one with a daunting list of pros and cons. Each one covers a different aspect of your business. And each one presents you with the task of learning how to best use it in your business.  

And then there are also so many different voices telling you that their tech is absolutely necessary, invaluable, and the best there is! At FeatheredVine, we understand the overwhelm of building a business from scratch while bootstrapping. We understand the overwhelm of figuring out which voices are trustworthy and what to invest in to grow your business. After all, we are on the same journey! 

This is why we only recommend tools that we have used and seen the benefit of for ourselves and with our clients. Google Analytics is one of those tools. 


Let’s take a closer look at what exactly Google Analytics is and what it can do for your business.  

  • Get to know your customers
    Google Analytics collects data from your websites and apps about how your customers engage with what you put out there. You will be able to see what encourages your customer to engage with your business. 

  • Collate and analyze your data
    Raw data can be difficult to understand. Google Analytics collates and analyses your data and presents you with insights you can use. 

  • Create reports
    Google Analytics can provide you with reports that will be easy to share with your team, your business mentor, or just as a reference for yourself. This is useful for making future decisions regarding marketing in your business. 

  • Refining your marketing strategy
    All of this provides you with information that helps you understand what is working well and what needs to be adjusted to increase customer engagement in your business. No more guessing! Main Takeaway: Google Analytics takes the hard work out of figuring out how to improve your marketing!


  • Setting up Google Analytics 4 
  • Setting up data streams for specific tracking
  • How Google tracks data and protects privacy  
  • How to read and interpret your data  


 How to build custom reports in Google Analytics 4  

Google Analytics will help you identify what worked and what needed adjustment in your sales funnel. It is designed to help you see how your website, sale pages, and emails are accessed by new and old customers and how they engage or do not.

Are there any Live sessions? 

No, there will not be any live sessions to attend. This masterclass was presented to a Live class for the first time when it was created. You will find the replay of this masterclass in the course area and a summarized version for those who have limited time. 

Since Google Analytics is such a relevant topic we took extra care to make this introduction course as interactive as possible, no matter when you join. There is a comment section in the course where you can ask questions and get feedback from the private community on Heartbeat. We receive many questions and keep adding more resources to cover those questions.

Will you show me how to use Google Analytics?

We will need an entire course to fully unpack the power of Google Analytics and how to optimize it for your specific needs. For this training, we will cover the initial setup, installing the tracking code on your website, and how to interpret the data you receive back from the tracking code. We will also cover the use of data streams for specific purposes. By the end of the course, you will have a good overview of the platform and will be able to find your way around in the future.

Do I need Google Analytics if I am not running ads?

For sure! Google Analytics will definitely help you get a better ROI on Ad spending. However, it also provides precious insight into your website's performance and where you need to improve—ensuring that your customer stays on your website and converts into paying customers of your products and services. If you are targeting SEO milestones, tracking this data is also critical for your website growth.

Do I need to have a website to get the most out of this course? 

No! Google Analytics can be used for many applications. You can add a tracking code in some email service providers, landing page creators, shopping carts, etc. You can also import data to get better analytics reports. Learn how to use the data for any application effectively.

What happens when I get stuck and need additional support?
 In an email you will receive after purchasing, we invite you to our private Heartbeat community. You can get your questions answered in the community threads at any time. We also run a weekly Feedback Friday event where you can ask questions on a live call or inside the dedicated Feedback Friday thread. 
How much does Google Analytics cost?
Absolutely nothing at all! You can sign up for a free account with Google Analytics. A paid version is available, but the free version will provide you with everything you need to improve your business marketing strategy.

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